About Us

Celtic Clays today is a small pottery studio based just outside the village of Omeath, Co Louth, Ireland.


From very humble beginnings (inside my father’s drafty garage), it evolved into a sizeable enterprise of 6 people during the 2000’s only to disappear altogether after the crash of 2008!


Today, after lessons learned, Celtic Clays has risen like the phoenix from the ashes, with a new mantra ‘smaller is better’.  Today, as in the past, we produce a select range of pottery, embossed with Celtic knots, triscals and original Celtic artwork that is both highly functional and decorative.


From a solitary mug to a full dinner service including plates, platters, casserole dishes and serving dishes you will find the perfect gift for those who appreciate both hand made pottery and Celtic design.


In essence, Celtic Clays pottery echoes the “Celtic” Heart and Soul of Ireland through the medium of clay.

An Potadoir

“An expression of Ireland through clay”

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