Children of Lír Artwork Print


The “Children of Lír” design depicts the 4 children of king Lír whose step wife cursed the children (Fionnula, Conn, Aodh, Fiacra) and turned them into swans. As legend has it after 900 years at the toll of a church bell the swans became human again, aged instantly and died thus representing the end of paganism and the advent of Christianity. Aside from the legend, the design itself symbolises the love, care and protection that siblings often develop for each other when faced with adversity.

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Additional Info

Artwork Paper size 33cm (13”) x 24(9 1/2”) cm;

image size approximately 16cm (6 1/2”)x 17cm (6 1/2”)

Images are printed on 310 gsm textured German etching paper

and embossed with ‘artist’s seal’ !!!

Artwork Print Framed

Mounted and framed in a ‘white washed’ wooden frame with glass.
( approx 350mm; 13 ¾” x 350mm; 13 ¾” x 15mm; 0.6”)

See Bean an h-Eireann for example of framed print.

(Portrait Print)

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